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Ryan Ashley is a world traveling tattooer, an award winning artist, television personality, social influencer, educator and entrepreneur. With over 1.7 million followers, her persona and talent has made an impact on the pop culture art world as we know it.


She recently moved to Grand Junction after 10 years in New York City where she worked for Paramount Network as a TV host for multiple productions such as Ink Master: Grudge Match and Ink Master: Angels, in the years after being the first female to reign champion of the hugely popular competition series Ink Master. In between filming, she ran her private studio catering to domestic, international and celebrity clientele from across the globe - as well as keeping herself involved in charitable organizations such as Healing Ink, Inked for a Cause, and many more. Recently, she had the honor of being the first and only tattoo artist to work with Apple in their new education platform “Today at Apple” giving a sponsored seminar about pioneering tattooing technology on the iPad at one of Apple’s Brooklyn flagship locations.


Education has always been one of Ryan’s priorities though - on both the giving and receiving end. Ryan has taught seminars on her specific trademark style of tattooing in multiple locations like Barcelona, Cancun, and Richmond - and was awarded the “Critic’s Choice Award” upon graduating from The Fashion Institute if Technology (FIT) in 2007.


She has moved to Colorado and started a family with her husband Arlo.


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