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Autumn Hudson, a self-taught tattoo artist hailing from southwestern Montana, has passionately honed her craft for over 13 years. With a childhood dream of becoming a tattoo artist, Autumn fearlessly pursued her artistic aspirations, defying societal expectations. After owning her own tattoo shop in Livingston, Montana for eight years, Autumn seized an opportunity at Elysium studios and made the bold move to Grand Junction, Colorado, fueling her artistic growth.


Autumn's signature style captivates with its colorful surrealism, evoking raw emotions in every uniquely creative piece. Currently, Autumn exclusively tattoos unique designs available on her website, ensuring each artwork finds its perfect match with its first buyer.


Beyond the realm of tattooing, Autumn's spirit finds solace in outdoor adventures, indulging in rock climbing, exploring, and snowboarding across the globe. With every tattoo she creates, Autumn brings her artistic vision to life, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience her captivating work.


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