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Arlo DiCristina is known both internationally as a hugely influential pioneer for his trademark tattooing style and locally for his growing interest in real estate and impact on the community. 


He has spent the last decade winning countless awards while developing his unique artistic vision and traveling the globe, being invited to both preform and teach in world regions such as Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, and Australia. Currently residing in Grand Junction, his main focus includes catering to his celebrity clientele, working on numerous business ventures, investing in real estate and owning his studio - Elysium - consisting of 11 world renowned artists brought there specifically to be part of his team. 


The list of publications featuring Arlo seems to be growing rapidly, having been recently showcased on the cover of Inked Magazine - the largest media outlet of tattoo culture in the world. Other publications throughout the years include both domestic and international features in countless magazines and digital media. This showcasing of talent has attracted much high end interest, including celebrity clientele such as Daymond John (owner of FUBU, host of “Shark Tank” and motivational speaker), Jimmy and Michelle Lewin (the powerhouse couple known as the most socially influential fitness models in the world), Danny and Cody Garbrant (former UFC world champion), Jonathan Casillas (2 time NFL Superbowl champion and former NY Giants captain) and also worked with others such as musicians Travis Barker from Blink 182, Bush and the Stone Temple Pilots.


Arlo’s title has grown from artist to educator teaching others about his business success and fundamental techniques, including a sold out 100 student seminar in Guadalajara, Mexico. His accomplishments reach far beyond the realm of the just tattoo industry, though. Recently, he traveled back home to address the student body of his high school, being invited to give a motivational speech as a successful graduate alumni. This specific opportunity sparked much interest within Arlo to give back to both youth and community, which is where his future priorities lie. 



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