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In 2014, Kristina Taylor began her journey as a professional tattoo artist in Minsk, Belarus. Since then, she has garnered numerous accolades from various tattoo festivals and conventions across Europe. 

Kristina has not only showcased her talent but also served as a judge at huge tattoo conventions. 

In her work, Kristina focuses on rich contrasting colors, neon glow and prefers the style of realism and surrealism.

Her interviews and artwork have been featured in renowned international tattoo culture magazines, and she has graced the cover of magazines like Tattoo Society Magazine, DGN Tattoo Magazine, Worldwide Magazine, and Steelo Mag. 

Collaborating with distinguished brand Sullen, Kristina has established herself as a respected artist in the industry. She is a proud member of the pro-team of major tattoo brands such as Cheyenne, Radiant Inks, H2ocean, and Tattoo Armour. 

Now, Kristina is excited about relocating to the USA, where she will be bringing her expertise to Grand Junction, Colorado.

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